Daniel Riley

Our work at SAGE impacts the Community foundationally: we aid small businesses through opportunities for increasing profits, which, in turn, can provide new job opportunities for Community residents; furthermore, we can keep dollars circulating directly in our community.

We further support the goal of “live, work, and play” on the Eastisde.

As a product of the Eastside, the most rewarding factor is seeing people that I grew up with benefit directly from programs that I facilitate through my work here at SAGE.

I manage the Store-front Grant Program, and I saw Jaime’s Tire and Muffler Shop receive a Store-Front Grant that they used to install new signage and lighting at their facility. Not only did the grant enhance the building façade, it also helped to reduce theft and criminal activity of customers who leave cars to be serviced. Mr. Hernandez was already a successful mechanic, but the Store-front Grant had a direct impact on his bottom line profitability.

—Daniel Riley