Grant Committee Spotlight

“As committee members, we each bring a different perspective to the table. However, the one thing we all look for is impact on the neighborhood, be it economic, visual, or safety. We’re looking for requests that can impact the positive growth of the neighborhood; as well as the safety of both residents and businesses.

The District 2 residential and commercial landscapes have changed dramatically.

Revitalization and improvements to the neighborhood serve as a catalyst for businesses to locate in the district while also encouraging additional development.

Residents are being encouraged to take a more active role not only in renovating or restoring their homes and businesses but are motivated to have safer neighborhoods.”

—Yonnie Blanchette

“The committee reviews the applications and interviews each applicant to understand the scope of their proposed facade improvements. We confirm that the applicant, in fact, owns the property, has a legitimate business that operates out of the building, has funding to match the grant, and most importantly extends opportunity to offer employment in the community.

It has been rewarding to get to know some of our community members.

I enjoy driving down the road and witnessing the improvements to local businesses and the neighborhood.”

—JoAnn Sosa