Lyric Smith

Businesses are in this uniquely special space where they truly shape the economic spending and perception of a community. At SAGE we work to strengthen the capacity, industry variety, and engagement of the Eastside business community;

Ultimately reshaping the way the community and others view the Eastside.

Coming from the household of two small business owners, I love the direct assistance I provide to our Eastside small business owners. My work boils down to helping strategically solve problems that I once overheard at the dinner table. I feel as though my life has come full circle, and that’s deeply rewarding.

I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with Mr. Andres Maya of Maya’s Automotive Lawn Mower Repair located at 1029 N. New Braunfels. Mr. Maya is a longstanding Eastside resident who has now ventured into business ownership. Assisting him in the early stages of his business and hearing the ways in which my work has been able to help him achieve lifelong goals is truly remarkable.

—Lyric Smith