Winners of the 2017 Eastside Business Awards will be recognized on June 15, 2017 at the SAGE Eastside Business Awards Mixer to be held at Lambermont Events. This is the fourth year for the nonprofit organization to present awards in six categories, recognizing individuals and organizations that promote job creation, economic revitalization and community partnerships on the Eastside.

“The awards program is a great way to showcase and recognize the work of so many in our market who provide outstanding examples and best practices in terms of business development and momentum on the Eastside of San Antonio,” said SAGE CEO, Jackie Gorman.

The Eastside Business Awards will be held at Lambermont Events, 950 E Grayson St. (5:30pm-7:30pm).

Eastside Business Awards winners:

Emerging Businesses:

Burleson Beer Yard
Nestled amid industrial warehouses on the Eastside of San Antonio between Highway 281 and Union Pacific train tracks, there is Burleson Beer Yard delivering a fresh San Antonio perspective. Built in 1893, the building itself was once a saloon and restaurant; but has now become a popular relaxation spot for anyone seeking asylum from the hustle and bustle of their hectic life. Within three months of opening this emerging business became a place where the neighborhood enjoys gathering. It is family friendly, providing a play area for customers with kids and pet – friendly with plenty of space indoors and outdoors for your favorite furry friends. Burleson Beer Yard has truly emerged as an accepting get-away for both neighbors and new-comers alike.

Estate Coffee
In the past year Estate Coffee has transformed Eastside resident’s coffee experience. The quaint shop located at 1320 E. Houston St. is a small batch, craft coffee roaster and espresso bar. Estate Coffee shares the space with equally innovative business Oak & Salt, a specialty spice company, lending to what makes their coffee so unique. Estate sources the best beans from family owned importers and quality ingredients from neighbor’s Oak & Salt to create a wonderfully eclectic beverage that customers continually come back for. Estate has several different types of coffee beans for sale in store as well as a small retail corner where customers can purchase coffee cups, bags or T-Shirts to take home of their new favorite coffee shop and bar.

Best Business Role Model:

Chatman’s Chicken
A true role model to both the Eastside business and residential community, Mr. Eddie Chatman of Chatman’s Chicken is truly one of a kind. With a business motto, “Dedicated to Serve and Help Uplift the Community” it is no surprise that Mr. Chatman has done just that. Since opening the business in 2002 Mr. Chatman has been instrumental in changing the landscape of WW White Rd. for the better. In his establishment he holds education to a high standard requiring “passing grades” of his employees enrolled in school and the “expectation of GED courses” for those employees hired who have not yet received a high school diploma. Mr. Chatman is truly transforming lives inside and outside the kitchen for the better.

Best Transformation

Dignowity Meats
With assistance from the SAGE Store-Front Grant Program Dignowity Meats transformed the former Ronilo’s Island Grill space into a community staple for smoked meat sandwiches in just over two years. Located in the Dignowity Hill Historic District, Dignowity Meats is asserting themselves as a lunch-time must while currently expanding into dinner hours. In the late evening their sign can be seen as a beacon shining bright down E. Houston St., offering a casual atmosphere, karaoke on Thursday nights, and of course the ever delicious Dignowity pie.

Best Community Partner Award:

St. Phillips College
St. Phillips College is one of the oldest and most diverse community colleges in the nation. For almost 120 years St. Phillips College has been a point of pride on the Eastside, as the only college to be federally designated as both a historically Black college and a Hispanic serving institution. St. Phillip’s is always willing to support Eastside residents as many of them utilize St. Phillips in their quest for higher education to using the beautiful insituion to host several community wide events.St. Phillip’s is a great partner in the community and has worked closely with staff to provide technical assistance to our Eastside small business owners.

Eastside Pioneering Spirit Award:

Midtown Cocktails
For over 40 years Midtown Cocktails, located at 214 E. Houston St., has been serving up delicious cocktails and quick eats to the Eastside community. Mr. Jesse Galloway, owner of Midtown Cocktails, has gifted the Eastside with not only a upbeat environment but also frequently employs and donates money to struggling Eastside residents. Midtown is truly a pioneer in the Eastside community, continuing their proud support through thick and through thin.

Best Kept Secret:

LCW Automotive Corp.
LWC Automotive Corp. is a leading certified limousine manufacturer that has been building limousines and custom interiors for over 40 years. In cooperation with companies like GM Cadillac and Ford Lincoln Motor Company they deliver world-class stretch limousines. From the ground up, LWC builds the finest in handcrafted conversions using OEM standards, cutting edge technology and the highest quality of leathers and custom wood finishing. Their limousine’s are truly unparalleled!

Catalytic Investment:

MEGA Shopping Center
The MEGA Shopping Center located at 1751 S. WW White Rd. was formerly the MEGA Warehouse. In 2010, the Eastside community identified the renovation of the MEGA Warehouse as a catalytic project; and after 7 years, Mimco Inc. has recently renovated the shopping center. The MEGA center is currently home to the newest addition to Goodwill Industries San Antonio. MEGA Shopping Center currently has the capacity to host two more exciting businesses within it’s walls, so spaces are available!


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